A Tasty Welcome to Our New Family



You may be here thanks to social media, word of mouth or our newsletter. Whatever your reason for joining us, you are most welcome. Thank you for stopping by. Our first post will be all about that: the welcome. That is, our effort to showcase the Taste MAKOSSA sauces to a discerning group of industry professionals and friends. On Monday, 28th January, we hosted an intimate supper to introduce a few of Bristol’s most prominent foodies to our brand. We wanted to, primarily, demonstrate how our sauces can be used in home cooking - to great effect, we believe.

We gorged on Tilapia fish, hot beans, legumes and peanut sauce with boiled rice, plantain and sweet potato lightly friend in coconut oil - and the Makossa sauces accompanied each and every dish. A menu of Camer/Anglo/Ekalle-imagining, it was a feast on which we based our hopes and aspirations for this fledgling brand’s future. With The Forge as the backdrop to our evening of feasting and conversation, the launch was the foundation for the path we’ll tread as professional food lovers!

The feedback on the night was extremely positive — the support, unforgettable. And so we launch our little digital space to keep you informed and involved with our new business-baby: Taste MAKOSSA.

We shall never cease to be grateful.

Thank you.