Hello Guys,

Grace here…

A while back I did decide to take the plunge - and add a blog to Taste Makossa authentic hot sauces, recipes and wellness site. I've always wanted an easy way to share information - share what I'm passionate about with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey with you all - you will be pleased to know that it's all about foods... Supporting your body's natural functioning is a serious business and specific foods in this site will help you do just that. Keep coming back to our site and check for updates right here on the blog.

This will be a great way to share evidence-based cancer-fighting foods, to bring you insights about food in relation to health, tips, techniques, anecdotes and facts about home cooking as well as my authentic recipes - it will also be about natural solutions that I've used and still using that could help keep chronic inflammation at bay and supply your body with oxygen and vital nutrients. Very important stuff!

It's really all about a lifestyle that promotes confidence in who you are; whether it's what you put in your mouth or what you put in your mind. FOOD for your thoughts, gut and the body. Let's all be in charge of our daily decisions... I've come to realise that we do wear our thoughts and our thoughts affect our health. These 3 parts of your being work in synergy, and everything starts from what's happens upstairs... We are what we think, and this is also reflected in what - and how we eat. It's really important to #1 understand this and #2 do something about it. We're often anxious about tomorrow, the future... but our thoughts, just like what you're wearing right now reading this on this page, can only tell you about the present NOT the future. No one knows what tomorrow will bring or remove.

So, basically, what we worry about, unless it's happening... is not real! Let's try and just be upset - about things that are ACTUALLY happening and of course be aware of things that happened. This will stop you from - NOT enjoying life, protect you from unnecessary pains, and reduce your risk of a serious illness. Most of all, it will certainly make you feel so much better and really improve your general well-being. I speak from experience; stress caused my cancer both times.

I share this space with you to show you what your body is capable of and how much power you have to change or improve your health. So, first things first... I'm inviting you to SLOW down and enjoy each moment of your life and take it -  one Step at the Time, and making sure that you cook your meals.

This blog will basically be about that. Eating well and dealing with challenges that life throws at you when you are unwell. To a Confident Cook in you, and to Better Health!

“Good Health Is Impossible Without Good Food!”

A Plus Mes Amis. XX