8 Ways To Eat To Fight, Prevent & Even Reverse Cancer!

Bristol Food Connections 2019 - Colston Hall.

Bristol Food Connections 2019 - Colston Hall.

I’m speaking here at the Colston Hall during Bristol food connections festival last June. My audience was mothers & babies and health conscious ladies - the topic that day was the same one, every time I step on stage. “Food in relation to health”...

My posts aim is to encourage and empower you to take responsibility for your health. One of my heroes who helped me do just that is Ocean Robbins CEO of the Food Revolution Network - with this program and I hope it can help you too. My post today is a special one as I’m dedicated it to a special lady who’s just had bad new about her cancer and she reached out to me asking for my advice.

The last 7 years I’ve learned so much about food in relation to health in general and cancer in particular and I’m always excited to share what I know in the hope that I could help as many people as possible - but please remember that I’m not a doctor so I cannot advice you on specific case, or at all really… I don’t diagnose any ill health, I don’t prescribe, I don’t advice. I simply share what I know and point you to what I believe to be the right direction. it’s up to you to make decisions about your health, your treatments strategy and the implementation of the information you get here .

My contents here and on my FB page are purely for information purpose only. Having said that, what I share is backed by scientific evidences from world renown researches, doctors, oncologists, nutritionists, food specialists and so on...

This is what I will say then... if you’re going through cancer right now, there’s a number of basic things you could choose to do, to give your body a better chance of fighting the beast.

Here they are:

Step #1 - Quit sugar & sweeteners completely, alcohol, (1 glass of red is good for you though...) avoid processed foods completely, quit cigarette and make sure to OVERDOSE on nutrients. I cannot stressed this enough - OVERDOSE on NUTRIENTS...

Step #2 - Eat 1 red or green delicious Granny Smith Apples daily. These apples have twice as many cancer fighters as Fujior Golden delicious apple.

Step #3 - Indulge on Sprouts - Broccoli sprouts can contain more cancer-fighting properties than regular broccoli.

Step #4 - Drink organic Tea daily without milk and make sure to DUNK your tea bag (dunking a tea bag up and down releases more cancer fighting molecules than letting the bag just sit in the cup.

Step #5 - Cook your Tomatoes instead of eating them raw. Raw tomatoes are good, but cooking them with a source of fat is even better. (use extra virgin olive or coconut oil).

Step #6 - Chew your greens. Chewing leafy greens helps to release enzymes that activate cancer-fighting molecules embedded deep in the leaves.

Step #7 - Go Soy - Fermented soy, like the kind used in “Miso” soup, contains 4 times more cancer fighters than regular Soy beans. Choose organic or non-GMO soy products, (Scoop Away on Gloucester road is a great place to buy good foods if you are in Bristol) & choose organic now more than ever to avoid pesticides.

Learn more about food revolution work here

Step #8 - Choose one cancer-fighting food each meal, every single day. It add up and that’s a lot of cancer fighting soldiers in your body every day.

Your treatments choice as well as your treatment plan are 2 things that are very personal. So if chemo is part of your treatment plan, make sure to do the above a week or 2 before you start your chemotherapy. So don’t rush into your treatment because of fear and you are told to do so. It’s always a good idea to detoxify your body before starting the treatment - also, doing a controlled intermittent fasting could be a great idea because it will help clear your system and help with the natural function of your entire system.

That’s it for now! This is a concise treatment support strategy that is simple, effective and you can do before, during and beyond cancer treatments. This is part of the things that I did when I was going through cancer - to help myself get better and I’m still doing today to keep supporting my body’s natural functioning.

Also, have you considered CBD oil? Look into it...

Hope that this helps you a bit my friends.

What are your thoughts about conventional, holistic, alternative, complementary and other cancer treatments?

Feel free to ask questions and we will look for answers together.

Keep on the fight…

Stay Healthy!


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