How To Use Food To Heal The Body?

Salad & earthy aroma Maitako mushroom, pasta with spicy pesto. Very tasty treat! Mushrooms are great for you. They have many health benefits.

The powerful healing that food can give you - is a topic that is often overlooked in the conventional treatments. I want to raise awareness and support serious illness sufferers & cancer patients who are looking for other solutions to compliment what's the norm. Here is a FACT!


Foods for Better Health is my motto - it should be yours too! I encourage you to empower yourself by taking responsibility for your own health. If you are meeting me for the first time: hello, my name is Grace Ekall. I'm a former professional dancer and now food entrepreneur originally from the Cameroon and I live in Bristol UK.

I've overcome breast cancer twice. The 12-year long ordeal made me wiser and full of gratitude towards the one who created me, as and deepened my appreciation for the people around me, animals, nature and life itself. So, two years ago I thought (since this illness will not leave my body, and all that the lovely doctors can do is to give me more pills and toxic chemicals such as chemo and radiotherapy to try and kill the beast that is cancer): I needed to try something different.

I woke up one morning after a sleepless night and decided that it was time for me to start implementing on a daily basis what I've learned in my six years of research of food in relation to health, researching evidence-based cancer-fighting foods. I really wanted to put effort into supporting my body's natural function. So I put together a self-care strategy. This blueprint of natural solutions has been rocking my health for the past two years. I believe in radical remission as opposed to a spontaneous remission, (more on that in a separate post so that you could understand the difference between the two) and I'm so pleased that I'm now helping others to do the same, taking one day at the time.

I stand for awareness about basic self care for your health and well-being: knowledge that provides amazing transformation, aimed at women who are living with or beyond breast cancer (or any other cancer really). To be honest, this  basic knowledge is so powerful and useful for anyone - whether you are ill or not. Whether you are a woman or a man, young or old. I stand for women taking responsibility for their health by using food as a vehicle for better health.

I stand for home cooking instead of fast food. I really believe that the greatest gift ever to give your loved ones is to be healthy, radiant, loving and confident in living your very best life one day at a time. I believe home cooking your meals will provide you with these four qualities! Your hands are so full looking after yourself and people you love that you don't have time for negative things, negative people especially. I want you to feel so content and grateful for the small things that are brilliant in your life.

That is why my mission is to help people take back control of their health by simply focusing on some specific foods that the mind needs, that the gut craves and that the body will cherish. I teach them to daily taking care of these three areas of their lives because they work in synergy. One is useless without the other - specially if you are going through a serious illness. If you are currently struggling with ill health, you really do need to keep these three aspects of your health going every day, there is no other way - it's a perfect combo if you want to beat the beast.

I cannot stress this enough - your thoughts, gut and physical body need looking after on a daily basis, in a specific way that is so simple. Trust me, your body will thank you for it.


"... Your food choices affect your health, your happiness and the planet..."      John Robbins.

To self-care effectively you need to have a daily routine that is incorporated in your 24-hour daily plan. Keeping the planet in mind while you do is a brilliant strategy in knowing what will support your body. Just think: what's harmful for the planet is harmful to you and what protects the planet is great for your body too. Crazy  right? It's that simple. Now, you don't have a daily self-care plan? Start fresh! Make one today. Let me know if you need help with this.

The starting point, in my opinion, is your authentic self. With that I guarantee you cannot go wrong. You will know and understand exactly what you need that works for you. I will, however, say this: if looking after yourself is not a fun process, full of new discoveries, insights and delights - don't do it. Please believe me when I say that you have massive potential and resources to find comfort and confidence in that you have all the tools that you need to improve your health, energy and joy.

I'm passionate about showing you through my research shared on this blog, foods that can fight, prevent and even reverse serious illnesses in general - and cancer in particular. So, I will be talking about the mental health side of things, as well as the physical aspects of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The next post will be about what we need to eat the most. No, it’s not what you think, but it is lacking a lot in the Western diet.

What are your thought regarding this topic?

To A Healthy Life. A Plus!

β€” Grace x

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