I just had to create a hot sauce that gets your taste buds dancing!

“Makossa sauce are made from an authentic, original recipe, using only the freshest Scotch bonnet chillies to create a healthy hot sauce with no sugar, preservatives or colouring. If you have our chilli sauce in your fridge, plus some basic ingredients, you can make an exciting, healthy meal every day”.

We are passionate about advocating health for all people but specifically, for those who are undergoing and fighting illnesses. Having also fought my own battles with breast cancer twice.

Makossa is Cameroonian popular music originating from the Kossa dance of the Douala people and means ‘dance’.

As a Cameroonian, and a former professional dancer/choreographer, it’s a rhythm that touches my heart and which accompanied me and made me smile during the most difficult days of my cancer treatment. I always found myself dancing no matter how bad a day was.  

Our sauces connects rhythm and taste, the bursts of flavours are like a combination of moves. The unique texture and flavour blend well with a variety of dishes and it can be used as a condiment, cooking sauce, garnish or dip.

The 3 varieties of Makossa chilli sauce reflect the different styles, music and rhythms of a Cameroonian pop or traditional dance.

• The Makossa dance is graceful with short bursts of confidence and energy.

- The perfect description for my Makossa Original sauce and what happens when people taste it for the first time

•  Ambas’bey is a slower, more smooth, elegant dance with flowing movements - just right for my gentler and milder version of the sauce

Bikutsi uses the whole foot in traditional dance, stamping moves & chest movements.

- and that’s the name of my peanut-based chilli sauce - because it’s hearty and from the ground.