Our Sauces

Our sauces connects rhythm and taste, the bursts of flavours are like a combination of moves. The unique texture and flavour blends well with a variety of dishes and they can be used as a condiment, cooking sauce, garnish or dip. The three varieties of Makossa chilli sauce range reflects different styles of music and rhythms of a Cameroonian pop or traditional dance.

• Makossa dance is graceful with short bursts of confidence and energy The perfect description for our Makossa Original sauce and what happens when people taste it for the first time.

•  Ambas’bey is a slower, more smooth, elegant dance with flowing movements Just right for our gentler and milder version of the sauce

• Bikutsi uses the whole foot in traditional dance, stamping moves & chest movements Our peanut-based chilli sauce - because it’s hearty and from the ground.

4th rhythm coming soon. Makossa Assiko - our sweet chilli flavour