Good Health Is Impossible Without GOOD Food!
— Grace Ekall, founder

Makossa sauces are nothing but beneficial and are made from an authentic, original recipe, using only the freshest Scotch bonnet chillies to create a healthy hot sauce range. vegan, gluten and sugar free with no preservatives or colouring, taste makossa sauces are made with health and well-being in mind. If you have our chilli sauce in your fridge, you can make an exciting, healthy meal every day or jump-start your metabolism in the morning with a kickin’ smoothie using the Makossa Original.

We are passionate about advocating health for all people, including anyone who is fighting illness. Our sauces are also loved by Health and fitness enthusiasts. But Why Taste ‘Makossa’?

Makossa is a genre of popular music from the Cameroon, originating from the Kossa dance of the Douala people. It literally means ‘dance’. As a former professional dancer and choreographer, it’s a rhythm that touches the heart of our founder, Grace Ekall.

This music accompanied me and made me smile during the most difficult days of my cancer treatments. I always found myself dancing no matter how bad a day was.
— Grace Ekall

So, we thought we’d share the rhythm with you.